Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nars Orgasm Dupe!

Finger on left is Pearlescent Pink. Finger on right is Nars Orgasm

I am in love with Nars Orgasm blush. It is the perfect shade of pink with a little gold shimmer. The only problem is the price ($28). I find myself only using it for special occasions because it was so costly and I don't want to wear it on a daily basis just going to school/work. But I finally found the perfect dupe: Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink.

Wet n Wild is a brand that I find to be underestimated. Yes, sometimes you "get what you pay for" but almost always I am more than satisfied with this brand and it is SO CHEAP! I LOVE their shadows, which are only around $3-4 for the small trio ones. I recently purchased their liquid eyeliner (I even had some doubt on that, but was proved wrong) for $4 at my local drugstore.

Wet n Wild "Pearlescent Pink" cost me $3 and it was the best purchase I have made in forever. It looks so much like Orgasm and is so pigmented. Literally one tap will get me an entire cheek. The only difference is Orgasm has a little more gold in it. But with that price and the color, it cannot be beat! I highly recommend this product and it can be found at most drugstores. As much as I love Orgasm, Pearlescent Pink has definitely become my new favorite.

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